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With over 30 years experience in the automotive and motorsport industry, including US Indy Racing League, Trans-Am, and ALMS Sportscar Prototype involvement, the Le Mans 24 Hours, Rolex 24 Hours, the Indianapolis 500, and New Zealand V8 Touring Cars, we've got the know-how to put you at the head of the pack. Whether it's a turn-key race car, built from the ground up, or fine-tuning an existing race car, we can help.

And our expertise isn't just limited to race cars. We also pride ourselves on our road car work. We place a lot of emphasis on what we call 'driveability', setting up your pride and joy so the aesthetics you've worked so hard on are matched by its road manners, providing you maximum enjoyment. Please visit our Services page to learn more on what we can do for you. We work closely with you, to your requirements, and your budget, to bring you the results you desire.

Something to please keep in mind when planning your car builds/repairs, due to my current workload I have an approx 8 month lead time on work, I am currently on 2 jobs that where booked in last year. I would rather be up front & turn the work away than make make false promises on due dates. A big thank you to all my customers for their patience.

Mike (Bic) Anderson


So many modified and hobbyist road cars suffer from poor tuning, be it engine or chassis tuning. We like to focus on what we call 'driveability', ie, nice throttle application, carburettor, and chassis tuning.
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We can build you a turn-key race car from the ground up, or we can fine-tune an existing race car. We can fabricate new items, or provide advice on getting the best from an existing set-up. Please visit our Projects page to see some of the work we have carried out for other customers. more info