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Charger On Salt

Sept 23 we attempted to do the last 2 of 3 bonneville speed events but at the last minute both were cancelled due to rain & therefore the course wasn't dry enough to race on.  VERY frustrating after ALL the time , effort, stress & money. 

However – we managed to maximise our time over there by meeting a lot of very clever people , who were more than willing to share advise & stories.  There is a picture there that shows a lot of people milling around the car in a workshop, some of those  people were amongst the elite in Land speed racing.

We had a one-day “observed” shakedown of the car on the Salt. We were only allowed to go 130-ish MPH (still in 2nd gear), but we could check the chute operation & practice our truck push-starts, etc. We needed to get pushed to at least 50mph to get the car into 1st & accelerating. Everything went well there & our “observers” were pleased.

The car is back in NZ now & we will implement a lot of the stuff we learnt over there.  The car passed “tech inspection” but there are further safety improvements we’d like to make plus some aero work – so it will look a little different when it ships back over in May. We intend to do all 3 meetings at Bonnevile this year, Speedweek, World Of Speed &  The World Finals, lets hope the weather is a little kinder to us J.